Become a Member


  • to be made by the Faith Group’s Ecclesiastical Authority, with reporting responsibilities
  • term to be for a minimum of three years, with possibility of renewal
  • recommend appointment of an alternate whose role is to step in for the representative if
    he/she is unavailable


  • to participate in an orientation session within the first three months of appointment in order to
    review job descriptions and membership expectations
  • to participate in development sessions
  • to receive and review IFC orientation materials
  • to become familiar with the policy governance Constitution and By-laws documents
  • to review minutes of the previous 12-month period


  • to attend all meetings of the council (currently two per annum which includes the Annual General Meeting of the IFC membership)
  • to serve on committees as requested, time commitments being clearly laid out to assist in your planning
  • to assist in identifying other representatives from your Faith Group when and where the population of that Faith Group warrants membership
  • to publicly represent the IFC upon request under the guidelines of the policy governance documents
  • to advise the Executive Board of opportunities within your Faith Group for Information Sharing
  • to track and report hours volunteered on behalf of IFC
  • to act as a liaison between the Faith Group and the IFC
  • to facilitate the IFC connections with Faith Group members and resources
  • to obtain the authoritative response of the Faith Group to identified issues and trends
  • to respond in a timely manner to requested information
  • to receive and review information from IFC in a timely manner


  • to bring experience and openness to the inter-faith work of the IFC
  • to observe the protocols and procedures identified in the policy governance documents
  • to be knowledgeable about your Faith Group’s beliefs, culture, and customs
  • to be actively connected with your Faith Group hierarchy and information systems
  • to be knowledgeable about chaplaincy work in The Correctional Service of Canada
  • to be knowledgeable of your Faith Group’s needs and aspirations for inter-faith community building, restorative justice and public identity


  • to encourage the appointment of the Faith Group representative upon your retirement
  • to facilitate an orderly transition with your successor